EmbryoGlue® is a special cultivation medium used for transferring embryos directly in the uterus. It contains all the nutrients and energy resources necessary for optimum embryo development. It contains a higher concentration of hyaluronan that is commonly found in the follicle liquid in the fallopian tubes where it creates a higher viscosity environment. The use of this implantation promoting medium during embryo transfer considerably increases the statistical chances of impregnation. EmbryoGlue® may be used for the transfer of embryos in all development stages, i.e. for the transfer of 2-day to blastocyst stage fresh or frozen embryos.

To view an animated video of the entire EmbryoGlue® implantation process click HERE.

The application of EmbryoGlue® as a part of infertility treatment is an above-standard procedure not covered by health insurance. If you are interested in EmbryoGlue®, inform your attending physician prior to commencing with the IVF cycle/stimulation.

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