EmbryoGen® is a new cultivation medium containing a cytokine growth factor. Cytokine is a crucial regulator of the communication between the embryo and the uterus and its application has a demonstrably positive effect on women who have experienced spontaneous miscarriages.

EmbryoGen® is recommended to women with a history of:

  • Recurring clinical and preclinical spontaneous miscarriages;
  • Repeated embryo implantation failures (unsuccessful embryo transfers);
  • Unexplained infertility.

EmbryoGen® may be used for up to day 3 cultivation. 

The application of EmbryoGen® as a part of infertility treatment is an above-standard procedure not covered by health insurance. If you are interested in EmbryoGen®, inform your attending physician prior to commencing with the IVF cycle/stimulation.



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