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Genetika Plzeň was founded in 2002 by leading Czech geneticist František Lošan, M.D., PhD. Originally based in one out-patient department with a laboratory, he together with his son Petr has built a modern department of clinical genetics that is specialized, among others, in ultrasound detection of congenital defects.



Immunology of reproduction has long history in Pilsen. Special consulation for reproductive immunology was founded in 1985. In the very beginning of its existence the Special consultation performed research on spermagglutinating antibodies in infertile couples. Later on, the examination of zona pellucida antibodies and seven various phospholipid epitopes to find antiphospholipid antibodies, playing important role during sperm penetration into oocyte, were added. Now, we study new methods for examination of immunological relationships between endometrium and the part of embryo called trophoblast.





 Merck Serono