1 November 2014


From November 2014, our centre is equipped with OCTAX NaviLase, a new state-of-the-art dynamic laser for assisted reproduction, which allows to perform trophoblast cell biopsy on 5-day old blastocyst stage embryos for the purposes of preimplantation genetic analysis.

Another indisputable advantage of this unique laser is that it widens the offer of the performed procedures aimed at increasing the success rate of infertility treatment. It is also ideal for highly professional assisted hatching (zona drilling and zona thinning).


 23 January 2014


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10 January 2014



Since January 2014, our centre has relocated to the modern GENETIKA building (GENETIKA).
We are thus able to offer higher comfort to both our female and male clients, as well as state-of-the-art equipment and technology or optional genetic and reproductive immunology tests all under one roof.

In the same building, you will also find the office of Prof. Ulčová - Gallová, with whom our centre closely cooperates.