Egg & Sperm Donation

Today, more and more couples are unfortunately incapable of successful pregnancy with their own gametes despite maximum effort on their part, as well as on the part of medical experts. Unwanted infertility affects 10 to 20% of couples. At present, the causes of infertility may be categorised as follows: 40% are female-related, 20% are attributable to both partners, and 40% are male-related.

In such a case, the last chance of pregnancy is to use donated eggs or sperms.

Egg donors are often the last resort of women who no longer produce their own, sufficient quality eggs largely due to the failure, developmental defect or the surgical removal of their ovaries. They are also needed by women who are carriers of hereditary diseases, as well as by women who have undergone chemotherapy as a part of cancer treatment.

Sperm donors are a solution for couples where the male partner's sperms are of poor quality or incapable of fertilisation. They are also needed in cases when the male partner is a carrier of a genetic disease or has undergone chemotherapy as a part of cancer treatment.

In the Czech Republic, germ cell donation is based on voluntariness and solidarity under the current legislation. Targeted donation (e.g. to a sister) is not permitted by law. Likewise, the applicable legislation does not allow donation for remuneration. Nevertheless, our centre fully reimburses demonstrable costs purposefully and reasonably expended by our donors in connection with the donation of germ cells and compensates any discomfort associated therewith.

Absolute anonymity is a matter of course.